Our Mentors

Dr. Dilip Kumar Pal

Head, Dept of Surveying & Land Studies, The Papua New Guinea University of Technology

Over 32 years of experiences in Research and education sector in the field of Resources Management, Land use Studies, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Agricultural Chemistry, and Soil Science with application of Remote Sensing and GIS in natural resources management.
Heading Dept of Surveying & Land Studies, The Papua New Guinea University of Technology since 2007. He completed his tenure as Head – Dep’t. Of Geography & Environment Management and simultaneously founded and Coordinated Dep’t. Of Remote Sensing & GIS, Vidyasagar University from 2002 to 2007
He contributed in various Govt. funded projects with organization like ISRO, All India Soil & Land Use Survey, and Forest Research Instt. & Colleges, Govt. of India.
Recognized author of more than 100 International scientific research publications, DKP-Sir (student’s used to call him by this name) guided countless students to achieve PhD and projects.
He is a high level committee member of national and international organizations like Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Risk Management (DRR & DRM) – United Nations-ESCAP; National Land Development Program Advisory Group (NLDPAG); National Research Instt. Office of Prime Minister, Papua New Guinea; Indian Soc. Of Remote Sensing, Dehra Dun; INCA, Hyderabad & Indian Geographical Society.

DR. Ashok Kaushal

Founder Member of C-DAC and Accomplished Professional in Geomatics

25+ years of professional experience in Geomatics, Surveillance, IT enabled Services and High Performance Computing including Grid Computing, SOA, Cloud Computing, Big Data etc. Dr. Kaushal has excellent track record at Government, Corporate and Academia in India & Abroad including at C-DAC, ASL Advanced Systems Pvt ltd, PCI Geomatics and Rolta India Limited.
An enthusiast, a quick learner and a great motivator received Master’s degree & Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on Computer Technology/ Computer Systems Technology from National Technical University of Ukraine. Since then, he had visited 40+ Countries worldwide for study and professional carrier.
A founder member of C-DAC and a Member of Core Team for Design, Development & Deployment of PARAM - India's first supercomputer in 1991. Dr. Ashok Kaushal is an ardent advocate of Processes & Industry’s best practices (ISO, CMM & OGC). He is recognized for 60+ quality publications in leading journals and presentations on applications of IT & Geomatics in seminars, conferences and workshops in India and abroad.
He had contributed amply to professional bodies as a member of organisation like ISRS, ISG, INCA and OGC India.
In 2010, he spearheaded Steering Committee for drafting of Charter for OGC India. A Tech-savvy, Dr. Kaushal had successfully coordinated Projects/ Training workshops funded by UN Development Program, World Bank, Canadian Space Agency Industrial Development Agency, Government of India (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Science & Technology and others) as Director / Consultant

Dr. Sailesh Samanta

Lecturer, Department of Surveying & Land Studies, The Papua New Guinea University of Technology

A University Gold Medallist, Dr. Sailesh Samanta received his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in 2012, from Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, India.
Since 2008 he is holding position of Lecturer, Department of Surveying & Land Studies, The Papua New Guinea University of Technology, Papua New Guinea. He is the renowned author of three international books (ISBN 978-3-8465- 9599-2; ISBN 978-3-8484-3302-5; ISBN 978-3-8465-9404-9) published by Lambert Academic Publication. His more than 35 scientific research publications in various recognised international journals and conferences imprint his knowledge of Subject
He contributed in different international collaborated projects as Principal Consultant with National Agriculture Research Institute; Trukai Industries Limited; Australia & Eda Ranu, Port Moresby during his tenure in PNG.
An expert in Climatological Modelling, Dr. Sailesh Samanta achieved a pinnacle position in research and development in Hydrology-meteorology, Climate Change, Agriculture industries, Land use Studies, Resources Management & Sustainable Development in very short span of time.

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